I was at Pan’s Food Center yesterday. I started thinking about what a delightful place it has become for grocery shopping. Recently, they have expanded their shelving area and it’s so clean and bright.

I love shopping at Pan’s.

It’s a great place for senior citizens to shop because it’s small enough, so that, if you forget something, you don’t have to walk a great distance to get it. Another plus about Pan’s is that they have a delivery service, groceries delivered right to your kitchen table for $4 total. The people at Pan’s are great, too: hard-working Steve and Jim, the owners; Rich, the butcher; Jonathan, the deli guy; and, most of all, Debbie, the checkout lady, who is ever helpful and efficient.

Soon, Pan’s will open a new parking space right next door, so it will be even more convenient.

Neighbors, we have a little jewel in Pan’s! Stop by and patronize this convenient store so we can keep them in business.

Elizabeth Rexford
Oak Park

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