Torrential rain a week ago Sunday caused a large branch from an elm tree in front of our house to crack and hang 30 feet above the sidewalk. Upon reflection, we decided this was indeed a dangerous situation and called the police non-emergency number.

Meanwhile, we blocked off the sidewalk using barricades that were conveniently still nearby from our Saturday block party. The police responded quickly and called the forestry department, which also responded in a most timely fashion. In fact, five minutes before they arrived, there was another crack, and the limb dropped farther. Despite continuing rain, sometimes heavy, they carefully took down the large limb and several smaller branches that its fall had also claimed. They were careful to spare our small Japanese red maple that was almost directly under the branches, and by the way, also spared our roof.

We applaud the rapid and efficient responses of the police and forestry departments. By 8:30 a.m. the next day, three workers had returned to remove all of the logs and branches and rake up the debris. We greatly appreciate the emergency response of the forestry department and its willingness not only to work on Sunday, but also to work up to 50 feet above the ground through rain and threat of thunder to protect people, trees and threatened properties.

Carolyn and Tom DeCoursey
Oak Park

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