I loved this column; it put me back into the days when my two children were small, my husband was working hard – as was I as a full-time mom – and there seemed no way for me to have what was a desperately needed break. [The fine art of staycationing, Ken Trainor, July 1] So I just declared one.

Caring for the children was not optional, but everything else was, so I declared a vacation week when I did no cooking, laundry, cleaning or housework at any time (this took some preparation, but worked) and the children and I spent our days playing and exploring Chicago. We took the train downtown, spent entire days at the zoo and much time at Rehm Pool – where they played, I read mystery novels and we ate all of the treats offered at the concession stand. As I remember it (admittedly from 20 years distance) it was, if not stress free, then very near that – an important time for them and important lesson for me.

Betsy Davis
Oak Park
Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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