Wednesday Journal recently gave extensive coverage to the Wooten brothers, who are making life on their South Lombard block very unpleasant.

In the interest of fairness, I presume, you allowed both the boys’ mom as well as her friend, Meg Reynolds, to present the brothers as victims of racism. Hardly unbiased views, but I am especially disappointed – no outraged – about one charge leveled by Ms. Reynolds.

She asserted “that a particular police officer spit in these young men’s faces and used ugly racial epithets when he encountered them on a village street.” [Wednesday Journal should retract its reporting on Wootens, Viewpoints, May 27]

This encounter, if true, would certainly be heinous, but was any effort whatsoever made to verify it? Is there any reason to believe that it is true? Ms. Reynolds admits she did not witness it.

The charge is horribly inflammatory, and printing it without providing a shred of evidence must be terribly demoralizing to the men and women we ask to protect our homes and families.

Wednesday Journal owes an apology to the Oak Park Police Department.

Virginia Seuffert
Oak Park

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