Lindsay Olson’s letter in the July 8 Wednesday Journal [Journal’s view on West Sub one-sided, Viewpoints] is exactly why I suggested in my June 10 letter that labor issues at the hospital should remain at the National Labor Relations Board, not in an ill-informed public forum.

Ms. Olson’s letter naively asked, in part, “Why is the hospital so afraid to allow nurses to vote on whether or not they want a union?” That is not the issue. The hospital has said repeatedly that if enough employees file with the labor relations board, then a fair, secret-ballot election will be held.

But the union does not want the employees to have a vote. The union seemingly is using sleight of hand. What they want is for the hospital to “voluntarily recognize” the union as the sole bargaining agent for the employees, without a vote and without the employees making the choice for themselves.

Ms. Olson is uninformed and misled on the labor processes. So again, if the employees truly want this union, they can legally, and with protections, follow the National Labor Relations Board processes.

Richard J. Downs
Oak Park

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