Police in both Oak Park and River Forest continue to deal with armed and strong arm robberies. Shortly after 1 a.m. July 23 a man who had just parked his car on the 800 block of Lyman was approached by two men in their 20s. One of the men placed a knife against the man’s stomach and demanded his wallet and cellphone, which the man gave up. The two thieves then entered a waiting car and drove away.

About that same time, a Chicago woman on a Blue Line train at Austin Boulevard was approached from behind by two men, one of whom grabbed her by the throat and choked her. He demanded her designer purse, which contained $1 and a one-day CTA pass.

Around 8 p.m. July 22 an Oak Park boy riding his bike on the 900 block of S. Oak Park was surrounded by five teens, one of whom demanded the bike, mounted it and rode off on it.

And River Forest investigators are reviewing security videotape from the North and Harlem Shell station. Around 12:30 p.m., July 24, a man hopped over a counter inside the business, pushed the clerk to the floor, and grabbed between $200 to $300 cash from the register. The man ran from the store and managed to escaped on foot into Chicago despite being pursued by police. Sgt. Mike Thornley said the department would have no comment on the incident until the investigation was concluded.

-Bill Dwyer

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