Reference is made to state Sen. Don Harmon’s opinion piece in Wednesday Journal. [Reform legislation passed, budget challenges remain, Viewpoints, July 8] It reads well, and I assume that his stated accomplishments are accurate.

The problem is what is not presented. Sen. Harmon devotes considerable space to the Rod Blagojevich fiasco without mentioning the fact that the Illinois Democratic Party nominated and helped elect Rod Blagojevich to U.S. Congress before nominating him for governor. The Democrats were so happy with his performance as governor that they nominated him for a second term.

Over the past six years, the image of Illinois politics has certainly not improved. The Democrats control virtually every facet of Illinois government, and I believe that Sen. Harmon is considered one of the leaders of Illinois Democrats. I no longer can kid my son in Minnesota about Jesse Ventura and Al Frankin because Illinois politics has become a nationwide joke.

I did appreciate that Sen. Harmon did not use the “bash Bush” excuse.

Phil Pittman
Oak Park

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