I received an e-mail recently from a close acquaintance. The e-mail was eloquent, well written, but most of all poignant. This was a person who had worked for years in an attempt to make a better life for disabled and abused children in the Chicago area. The e-mail shared details of devastating budget cuts that would greatly curtail social services state wide. The proposed cuts would supposedly be made on a “trial” basis. Believe that, and as the saying goes, I have a used car to sell you.

I could no more dismiss this e-mail than I could carry a gun to church, or at all. I had to take some action. I sent a copy of the communication to Wednesday Journal Publisher Dan Haley. My hope was that the desperate straits these agencies were going to find themselves in would at least be mentioned in a column or editorial.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Haley shared with me the welcome news that the Journal would be “all over” the issue in the upcoming edition. Indeed it was.

We are a nation that purports to love children, but do we? Or, do we only love those children sound in mind, body and spirit? We claim to be a “Christian” nation, but are we? Didn’t Jesus say that that which we do for the least of us, we do for him?

Thank you, Wednesday Journal, for giving new meaning to the words “power of the press.” In my humble opinion, your publication came down on the side of the angels. The rest is up to us. If you haven’t already called the numbers listed on the front page of the June 24 Journal, please do so. The results of doing nothing will not be long in surfacing.

Anne Marsey
Oak Park

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