Whenever politicians want to push forward a tax increase, they grab a diverse collection of people who are truly in need of social services. These folks are placed in the background at press conferences and their stories detailed, as well as the dire consequences they will face if support does not continue.

Who you won’t see at these events are the fat cats who stand to reap millions from the additional revenue. They stand in the shadows waiting to line their pockets. Once the tax increase is approved, the needy are shoved aside and it’s back to business as usual. Quinn, Madigan, Daley and Stroger are all guilty of threatening to cut services in order to manipulate the public. They refuse to address the massive waste and mismanagement that plague government.

Exploiting those less fortunate is despicable behavior, but always does the trick when pols need to convince the public that the sky is falling.

Jim Coughlin
Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com
Oak Park

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