Run, do not walk, to Oak Park Festival Theatre’s current production of Lanford Wilson’s 5th of July. The play is set in 1977 and is a reunion of friends from college days who had organized against the Vietnam War. Now, almost 15 years later, they have gathered at the sprawling Talley farmstead in rural Missouri, each attempting to decide on a future role in American society.

A major focus is on Ken Talley, a paraplegic veteran of the war, who shares the home with his partner, Jed. Sally Talley (whom we met in Festival Theatre’s Talley’s Folly two years ago), is there to spread the ashes of her husband, Matt.

The acting is top notch, no need to pay for Loop parking, and Austin Gardens is a local delight. Thursdays through Sundays, through July 11. Veterans admitted free on July 5. More information is available at, or by calling 708-445-4440.

Galen Gockel,
Managing director, Oak Park Festival Theatre

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