The ramifications of global warming are too serious to let misinformation go unchallenged. [Global warming an ‘outright fraud,’ Viewpoints, June 11] The statement, “There is no settled science, and global warming is most suspect,” is simply not true.

The debate about global warming is over. The challenge is what to do about it. John Coleman as a standard for facts about global warming is unfortunate. Coleman’s statement that man-made climate change is a scam, a hoax and a fraud caused him to be discredited by his peers. He has done no research in climate science, so his criticisms have no scientific basis. He continues his contrarian statements in spite of the fact that he admits that his expertise is in weather, not climate-change science. He was removed from the Weather Channel that he founded, and it now prominently embraces the fight against global warming.

McLouis Robinet
Oak Park

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