Web Extra! See all Oak Park mentions from The Onion

On Monday, the tweeter-in-residence of the other paper in town observed for his followers on Twitter that “exactly 10 years ago this month, The Onion made up a story about Oak Park. Or, rather, used OP as a fake setting.”

That post by John Huston at Oak Leaves got Graham Johnston, Wednesday Journal’s manager of Internet and technology, thinking: “Was that the only time Oak Park made an appearance in American’s Finest News Source?”

Johnston found a few mentions Huston missed. See the list below for Oak Park coverage neither the Journal nor Oak Leaves got.

Parents Of Obama Volunteer Couldn’t Be More Proud, Sick Of Son
October 2, 2008
OAK PARK, IL – Parents of Obama ’08 campaign volunteer Mark Lowe said their son’s selfless work for the Illinois senator has shown the 22-year-old to be mature, civic-minded, and absolutely unbearable to talk to.

Nation Sickened By Sight Of Happy Young Couple
September 27, 2006
OAK PARK, IL – Though sharply divided on the war on terror and domestic controversies such as abortion, drugs, and gay marriage, Americans are in almost unanimous agreement over one issue: that Oak Park, IL couple Dave Petrun and Julie DeSimone are totally sickening.

U.S. Fast-Food Chains Agree To Voluntary Cheese Limits
September 4, 2002

OAK PARK, IL – Fearful of the prospect of class-action lawsuits, seven of the nation’s largest fast-food chains voluntarily agreed Monday to place cheese limits on their own sandwich items. ]

Wacky Morning DJ Faces Crisis Of Journalistic Ethics
June 9, 1999
OAK PARK, IL – Controversy embroiled Oak Park’s Q102 FM Morning Zoo Tuesday, when wacky morning DJ “Madman” Mike Antony claimed that a proposed on-location promotional broadcast at the Bob Adler Chrysler/Plymouth auto dealership would contradict the ethics of broadcast journalism.

McDonald’s Sells Out
August 19, 1997

OAK PARK, IL – The hip, underground fast-food chain McDonald’s is being assailed with cries of “sell-out” from its rabid fan base, which has expressed anger and disillusionment over a merchandising deal signed recently between the restaurant and the Disney Corporation.

McDonald’s Fights World Hunger With New Triple-Decker Burger
April 30, 1997
OAK PARK, IL – The McDonald’s Corporation took a giant step toward conquering the problem of world hunger Monday, unveiling its new McTriple Decker Cheeseburger.

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