Mr. Haley: Your column made me reflect upon my perpetual disgruntlement. [Scandal at village hall: Who OKd this lunch bill! Dan Haley, May 20] I hereby pledge to be gruntled from now on because you have shown me what is important, and I will share it with all the other disgruntled people who mistakenly thought they saw misspending of taxpayer money.

From now on before I dare to speak out, I will wait to see what you have to say because I am sure you have the best interests of all Oak Parkers at heart, even if some disgruntled residents think you are a shameless hack who panders to those who provide advertising revenue for his newspaper. I am sure I speak for all non-disgruntled Oak Parkers in thanking you for discouraging any tiresome whistleblowers who would try to speak up about wrongdoing in village government without checking with you. Most important, if they feel they must blow the whistle, they must go to Wednesday Journal and not the Oak Leaves.

I admit that I always found you to be nothing but a perpetually self-righteous hack; but now that you made me see the light, I realize how wrong I was.

Liz Melara
Oak Park

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