What I’m for and what I’m against in slogans. I suggest something along the lines of the following:

1. Oak Park: the Chicago area’s architectural open-air museum.

2. Architecture and families – all differently built.

3. One heart, many faces.

I say absolutely “no” to “One Tree, Many Nuts,” on the grounds of its patent falsity. While it may have the good intent of conveying the diversity theme (say, walnuts living with almonds), more likely the word “nut” would be assumed to suggest that our village has large numbers of whimsically eccentric persons living within its borders. The reality is far different.

One of Oak Park’s major social problems, in my view, is that it has way too few of these kinds of “nuts” – a major infusion of many more whimsically eccentric persons in Oak Park would be a most welcome tonic to prevailing village personality types that may be a lot of things, but “nutty” is not a word that comes to mind.

My viewpoint has validity because I know what it’s like to live in a community that really does have a lot of “nuts.” As one who lived in Madison, Wis., in its glory days of 1973 to 1980 – before it felt any need to put up annoying billboards proclaiming it to be “the best place to live” – one could find such larger than life characters as Eddie Ben Elson, Ken Hur, Ben Sidran, Marshall Shapiro, the red-vested Lee Dreyfus, “Crazy TV Lennie,” Cowboy Jack McManus, Paul Soglin, “Crazylegs” Hirsch, Leon Varjian and the infamous “Phantom of Camp Randall,” to name only a few. Some of these colorful characters went on to great things. Dreyfus got elected governor of Wisconsin, and Soglin was mayor of Madison.

Sorry, Oak Park. We have many trees but way too few nuts.

Christopher Damon
Oak Park

Here’s a few Oak Park slogans we came up with:

Oak Park Illinois: A Frank and Ernest community.

Most Frank Lloyd Wright Homes

Birthplace of Ernest Hemingway

Arts district

Specialty shops

Be a Prairie Homes’ Companion: Visit Oak Park Illinois.

Oak Park Illinois: Frankly speaking, we have it all – architecture, literature, arts district and specialty shops.

Oak Park Illinois: The Wright Place to Visit (or The Wright Place To Be).

Sue Schroering
Oak Park

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