I am responding to the recent letter by Michael Murphy. [Will Harmon walk the walk on gay marriage? Viewpoints, May 20] I’ve met and chatted with state Rep. Deborah Graham several times. I do not believe she is the “gay-hating bigot” Mr. Murphy accuses her of being.

I have heard that she is under a lot of pressure from Christian ministers in her district to oppose civil unions. I contacted her office by phone and e-mail to let her know my feelings. She is a politician. As a politician, she counts her votes. If she were a statesman (or should that be stateswoman?), she would do the right thing, even if it lost her some votes. If she does not support civil unions, she will lose my vote and every vote I can influence.

The civil unions bill may not even come up for a vote. The people in Springfield may kill it so they don’t have to choose sides. If it does not come up for a vote, I will vote against Deborah Graham. I will vote against her if she has an opponent in the primary, and I will vote against her in the general election. If you are not for me, I am against you.

Allen Matthews
Oak Park

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