I have been affiliated with the Democratic Party of Oak Park since the glory days of then Senate president Phil Rock. In all of that time, it was a politically progressive organization – until now. The Democratic Party of Oak Park now supports state Rep. Deborah Graham (D-78). Rep. Graham refuses to support civil unions or gay and lesbian marriages in Illinois, which is a reactionary Republican position.

State Sen. Don Harmon (D-39) has indicated that he would support legislation to legalize civil unions or gay marriage, which is a progressive position. This is consistent with the beliefs of most people in the Democratic Party of Oak Park and the rest of the village. Oak Park, after all, did elect the open lesbian Joanne Trapani as a trustee and then village president.

Rep. Graham is not a progressive on this issue. She is a gay-hating bigot who Sen. Harmon must distance himself from. It is one thing to talk the talk, but one must also walk the walk. Where does the real Don Harmon stand?

Michael Murphy
Forest Park

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