Several candidates for an Oak Park slogan, not original, but ones that I’ve heard around the village over the years:

1. Oak Park: We respect your opinions … especially if you agree with us.

2. Oak Park: Even our exit ramps veer to the left.

3. No Park

Jerry Ostergaard
Oak Park


I believe our slogan should represent how we would like to be perceived in perpetuity – therefore I suggest:

1. The mighty Oak Park

2. Green Town, USA

Ginger Vanderveer
Oak Park


Joke parking in Oak Park.

Jeff Monahan
Oak Park

Fall in love with Oak Park – the people, the place, the promise.

James Reyes


I love Oak Park, but as a 40-plus lefty idealist, I’m often struck by that discomforting feeling of: Is this all there is? Is this the best we can do?

Well, of course not. But since we are all so busy here in Oak Park, and we are not the omnipotent society-transformers that we thought we were back in the day, we need to recalibrate in order to keep that sense of contentment that we thought would be the product of our fabulous lives.

And this slogan will help us do it: Oak Park – better living through lowered expectations.

Peter Nolan
Oak Park

Oak Park: The public comment period has been extended.

Paul Botts
Oak Park


1. A playground in every backyard.

2. It’s always fun at The Park.

Tak Louie
Oak Park


We like to think of ourselves as the People’s Republic. So, either the star-cluster on the Chinese flag, or the traditional hammer and sickle. They put white on a red field; let’s put red (the cost of our local choices) on a green field. A modernistic version might be very cool, and a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Tony Stonitsch
Oak Park

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