I can personally answer Les Golden’s question. [What have Graham and Harmon done for us? Viewpoints, May 13] I work at the Maze Library, and Sen. Harmon helped secure a $100,000 state grant in 2006 to help renovate and make our building accessible. If Mr. Golden would like to see the concrete evidence of Sen. Harmon’s service to our community, I would be happy to give him a tour of our beautiful renewed building. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Mr. Golden set foot inside Maze.

Bear in mind, Maze actually sits outside of Sen. Harmon’s district, demonstrating his dedication to the whole of Oak Park.

Don Harmon is more than just a favorite son of whom Oak Parkers should be deservedly proud. He shows grace and consideration in his service to his constituents, as well as a quality rare enough among elected officials and entirely lacking in Mr. Golden – humility. While Les Golden demeans the public discourse with his vindictive and ill-informed rants, Don Harmon ennobles the atmosphere of Illinois politics by his presence. He gives us something we need more of in Illinois.

Benjamin Iglar-Mobley
Oak Park

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