Mena Boulanger, no doubt a fine person as is her husband, wrote recently of, in her opinion, the great work of our state senator and Democratic committeeman, Don Harmon. [Harmon quietly works for the public good, Viewpoints, March 5] I’m sure it was inadvertent that she neglected to mention that for many years she was the Oak Park Democratic committeewoman and perhaps had some secondary interest in writing her letter.

In the same issue, Wednesday Journal wrote that Don Harmon’s “running mate,” Deborah Graham, is two years behind the times at Oak Park High. I remember, when Ms. Graham beat me in this heavily Democratic district for state rep in I believe 2001, that Wednesday Journal plaintively wished that she would appear in Oak Park at times other than elections. That wish has, apparently, been effectively unfulfilled. I ask Oak Parkers, what has she done for this community in her years of office, supported by taxpayers to the tune of roughly $1.5 million?

I remind readers that the Chicago Tribune has called for the defeat of Don Harmon at the next election, along with other machine Democrats in Cook County who have repeatedly ignored the will of the people.

As the demographics of Oak Park change, more Republicans are buying homes here. A nationwide “tea party” is being planned for the summer to protest the nationalization of our automotive, banking and securities industries in the headlong rush of our new president toward socialism. Oak Park Republicans should be part of this effort. If you would like to participate, please call me.

Les Golden
Oak Park

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