I do most of my grocery shopping at the Dominick’s on Lake Street. They have a liquor section, and I appreciate the convenience of buying groceries and alcohol in one place. The cashiers at Dominick’s are scrupulous about checking ID. My guess is that anyone hired by Jewel food stores would be just as focused. [OP Jewel seeks liquor license, news, May 6]

If there have been arrests for liquor sales to minors at the local Dominick’s, I haven’t heard about them. This could be relevant to whether or not junior high or high school students are successfully buying alcohol in the vicinity of their schools. If there is no record of such arrests, then I would endorse a liquor license for the Jewel on Madison.

As to urinating willy-nilly, that usually happens after heavy consumption, rather than immediately after purchasing packaged liquor. Bars, music clubs, sports venues and the like probably have to face this issue.

Tom Broderick
Oak Park

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