Two months ago, I wrote a letter to this paper questioning the direction, motives and competence of the Obama administration. The response I received answered none of my questions, but rather called me ignorant, uninformed and a rube.

I was feeling real bad about being called all of those hateful names until I happened to see Bill O’Reilly on Fox. He said that when someone who disagrees with your opinion offers only feelings and is totally devoid of factual arguments and starts calling you names – you have won the argument. That made me feel better.

I have a neighbor who was active in the Obama campaign. He told me we need Obama to repair the American image in the world. Four months into the new regime, we have insulted the Brits, Poles, Germans and Israelis. Our president has demeaned our country and citizens around the globe. Now it seems that the world not only doesn’t like us, but they cannot trust our commitments, nor can they trust that we will be there in their time of need.

I am confused how we are better off now than we were before. My original questions remain unanswered, and I have a bunch more. I resist asking for answers from citizens who cannot see that the emperor has no clothes. Elect a couple Republicans – do it for the children!

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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