As the District 200 Board of Education is preparing for its next meeting, at which the new members will take their place, I would like to propose the following list for the consideration of the board and all Oak Park-River Forest High School administrators:

Student Bill of Rights

All students have the right to:

1. Decide how to use their time outside of school classes

2. Be taught by teachers who make teaching them a top priority, who care about them and make every effort to create an engaging, enjoyable learning environment

3. Be comfortable to express their personal views and have them respected as honest, decent opinions

4. Have easy access to educational resources

5. Learn in an environment that doesn’t disrupt their activities or violate their persons

6. Exert ultimate authority over setting the course of their education, with adults present to guide them

7. Be fully informed about administrative activities

8. Fully know how everything functions in the school

9. Have easy access to convenient transportation to and from school

10. Learn in a school environment that promotes their healthy well-being

Paul Rubio
Oak Park

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