Not always, apparently. Cub fans locally have taken to putting out a large white flag with a giant blue “W” emblazoned on it. No, it doesn’t stand for George W. Bush, one of history’s biggest (or maybe smallest) losers.

In this context it means winning, for these are replicas of the “W” pennant hoisted from the highest mast above Wrigley Field whenever the Cubs win a game.

But this latest epidemic of “W” flags is misleading. Last week, I was walking down the 600 block of South Scoville and found no less than three of these behemoths flapping in the spring breeze. Naturally, I figured it was good news for the Northsiders and their fans, but later that night, I discovered the Cubs had lost that day.

So what gives? The tradition is a good one, but it loses all credibility if the flag isn’t displayed honestly. I say put out the flag only on those days when the Cubs actually win. Then we can all share in your happiness.

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