I would like to write a tribute to an Oak Park gem whose obituary I recently read in your paper, Ms. Dawn Tideman.

Dawn was not a personal friend, but an acquaintance I met years ago through having five kids at OPRF high school, where she worked in the bookstore and served on various PTO committees. She was a wonderful advocate for the high school, though a somewhat shy person, because she was always so kind and helpful, patient and encouraging.

When I scarcely knew her, I had a minor scheduling conflict at the high school, and she voluntarily drove my son where he had to get to in Oak Park. She performed all these random acts of kindness without wishing for any accolades. She was a very humble person.

I also experienced her helpfulness many times at the Dole branch of the library, where she worked for many years. She would often recognize my voice on the phone and would always ask after my family and well being.

When I read of her passing, a great sadness came over me, and I have been thinking of her all week, unable to attend her memorial service due to a work commitment. She was such a unique and kind person, just the type of person you are glad to live with in Oak Park.

I will always remember her and miss seeing her here, which I think is a wonderful legacy for someone to leave behind.

Suzanne Kasang
Oak Park

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