The election has passed; it will soon be time for us to address the business of the village. We are pleased and honored that the voters of River Forest have chosen us to join Susan Conti, Stephen Hoke and Stephen Dudek to lead our village into what we hope to be a very prosperous future. There are no aisles to cross or fences to mend. We are a new village board. We are all River Foresters.

Please allow us to thank all of the voters and supporters that worked so diligently to help us attain our victory. But to the residents of River Forest, we pledge to perform our duties to the best of our abilities. Our primary goal is to achieve what is in the best interest of the Village of River Forest. This quest begins May 11. We will strive to earn your confidence and trust as your elected officials and make you proud to call us your government.

As the new spring blooms, so does a new chapter in our village. We look forward to meeting the upcoming challenges. Thank you for the opportunity.

John Rigas, Cathy Adduci, Mike Gibbs and Jim Winikates
River Forest

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