Am I the only reader who finds it hysterical that someone who moved from Oak Park to River Forest is calling Oak Park residents/OPRF neighbors (who, judging by the large homes around the stadium, could likely also afford to live in River Forest) racist?! [Subtle racism behind opposition to lights at OPRF, Viewpoints, March 25]

I’m an OPRF graduate, and my two children – happy graduates of Irving, Julian and now OPRF, who play on the lacrosse, soccer and field hockey teams – would certainly benefit from the lights. But I completely understand the many reasons why the neighbors are opposed.

Does this also make me a racist? Shameful.

Michael Nevins
Oak Park

I was at many of the same hearings, and there is simply no basis for the assertion that those opposed to the lights are motivated by racism.

I believe the neighbors, who represent a diverse cross-section of Oak Park, are concerned about noise and light, just like people in River Forest were concerned when they stopped Concordia from putting up field lights. The many people living near the field are entitled to have their legitimate concerns about lighting the field 61 nights a year and the accompanying glare, parking, traffic and noise taken seriously and judged fairly based on the application of the zoning standards to the true facts.

Norman Hirsch
Oak Park

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