My husband and I have lived in River Forest for almost 20 years, and we plan to stay the rest of our lives. In recent years, though, we have had many concerns about the village government:  Nobody has seemed concerned about multiple conflicts of interest involving the village president and his business associates. Letters and phone calls to the village about ongoing parking problems on

Lake Street
produced no action for years. Detailed concerns about the village’s elevator ordinances went for weeks without a response. The more recent very public uproar with the police department came from the same environment that gives rise to indifference to taxpayers’ needs and expectations.

This is why we will be voting for Steve Hoke, Roma Steinke, Rick Gillis, Russ Nummer and Tom Lamm on April 7. They are talented, approachable, and responsive. They’re committed to delivering public service to their village for the sake of all residents, and without conflicts of interest. You can get more information about all of them at and at

Steve Hoke is running for president of the Village of River Forest. He is committed to the following:

1. Ending corruption and cronyism

2. Focusing on village services and employees so they are customer-driven and “user-friendly”

3. Keeping property taxes as low as possible.

Steve and his running mates will represent all residents of
River Forest and their separate interests and needs. They are not “professional politicians” who govern for the needs of a few. They are ethical public servants who want to help their own community do better.


We can all change years of problems in just a few minutes on April 7. Please vote on April 7 and vote for Steve Hoke, Roma Steinke, Rick Gillis, Russ Nummer and Tom Lamm.

Ardyth Eisenberg

River Forest

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