Colette Lueck would be a wise and thoughtful choice for trustee in the Village of Oak Park. Colette, along with her running mates on the Citizens for Responsible Leadership slate, is committed to some fundamental concepts that will best serve the village.

Colette’s professional background is testament to her ability to manage, work with large budgets and a diverse set of people. Her background in community mental health for 20 years speaks to her deep understanding of community’s wants and needs. Her current position, as the managing director of the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership, showcases how skillful she is at understanding bigger-picture issues and how this ultimately benefits children and families across the state. She will apply these same skills and principles for the citizens of
Oak Park.  

Citizens for Responsible Leadership are keenly interested in protecting tax dollars in order to maintain and improve the quality of life experienced by those living in
Oak Park. They also intend to focus on economic growth and development and they intend to work in partnership with businesses and business districts to encourage new investments and national investors. They will strive to keep Oak Park affordable and diverse. These efforts require a lot of dedication, as well as the ability to work collaboratively. And this is what the Citizens for Responsible Leadership espouse. I highly encourage voters to learn more about this group and certainly encourage them to vote for Colette Lueck on April 7.

Melissa Groves



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