We have been attending River Forest Village Board meetings for two years, observing with continuing dismay meetings that have devolved into disrespectful argumentation.

Efforts by Steve Hoke to restore some semblance of order to meetings by invoking Robert’s Rules of Order go unheeded, and have wrongly cast him in the role of a disrupter, rather than as an advocate of open discussion, which would allow questioning and/or discussion of agenda items. Hoke should be lauded for his efforts to bring order to meetings, to have the body of trustees act according to its considered judgment after a full and fair working through of the issues involved.

Regrettably, Robert’s Rules of Order, which the board has agreed to be governed by, are summarily disregarded by the board president, blatantly flouted or ignored, and without rules guiding and governing conduct, discussion is interrupted at will, with name-calling and personal attacks on Steve Hoke and the two other trustees who support invoking Robert’s Rules. Consequently, meetings have become fractious and shameful, and sadly, a disgrace to
River Forest residents.

Steve Hoke deserves the support of
River Forest residents. He is conscientious and devoted to fair and ethical government. Vote for Steve Hoke as village president, if you want a village board that will follow Robert’s Rules of Order and respect input from all trustees and citizens of the quality village.

Marguerite Bloch and Al Popowits

River Forest

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