I don’t have kids. But I am a 51-year-old homeowner and business professional in Oak Park who is “OK” paying a boatload of property taxes to live here, if I know the money is invested wisely to educate curious, hard-working students who will become future responsible citizens. Funding great schools to create an educated citizenry is a critical part of the common good in my mind. To that end, though I want to know our investment is being prudently managed. This is why I want you to consider voting for Terry Finnegan, a candidate for the District 200 Oak Park and River Forest High School board.

Terry Finnegan has been a good friend of mine since he and his wife Sarah and I all became friends in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985.  Since then, he and Sarah have raised four great young men (ages 18 to 22), all of whom are proud graduates of
OPRF High School. I know Terry to be a trustworthy, intelligent, and accountable business professional who will rely on rational decision-making in making board decisions. I want to know we have school board leadership with a business voice and the passion of an OPRF-experienced parent, which is why Terry Finnegan is getting my vote on April 7.


Pamela McNamara

Oak Park

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