As the April 7 election approaches, I feel the voters of River Forest need to understand what is at stake in this election. The current village board of trustees, and therefore those responsible for overseeing your tax dollars, seems to be having a difficult time getting business done. After following the antics of the board meetings in the paper and attending numerous board meetings, it is quite evident the focus is not on issues but on personalities.

I am currently running for village trustee. Some may ask why I would want to get involved in the village government, considering the way it has been going for the past two years. It is for that exact reason I decided to run for village trustee. We have some serious issues to attend to. The current finances and future economic development to bring new revenue sources to the community are what the board should be concentrating on. Past issues and personalities should not come into play when evaluating whether an idea is good or bad or when trying to come to consensus.

I am not an accountant, I am not a lawyer, I am not a business owner. I am a social worker. And that may just be what the board needs. On a daily basis working, I problem solve. I work efficiently and effectively to help people solve problems in a civil manner. These are the skills that are lacking on the current board. I have no personal agenda and would come to the board with no ties to anyone on the current board or anyone running in the upcoming election. The residents of River Forest deserve and need an independent voice on the board.

Katie Madock
River Forest village trustee candidate

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