As longtime residents of Oak Park and with connections to Oak Park and River Forest High School, we recognize the relationship between the quality of the high school and the stability of the community. Maintaining a high school, which meets the educational needs of all students, draws people to this community and keeps them here. While a strong administration, an excellent faculty, and supportive parents all play vital roles in the success of the high school, a strong and insightful board of education is equally as important. It is for this reason that we encourage you to vote for Dietra Millard for the District 200 board.

In her first term, Dee Millard has proven to be very knowledgeable about the educational process. While an independent thinker who is not afraid to challenge both old and new practices, Dee remains very reasonable when it comes to making decisions regarding those practices. She comes to every meeting prepared to discuss the issues, having read the mountain of material in every board packet. Her ultimate decisions are always based on what is best for the education of students.

With two incumbents with years of experience choosing not to run for re-election, we cannot afford to lose Dee Millard’s expertise. She is a unifying force on the Dist. 200 Board of Education. Vote for Dietra Millard on April 7.

Rich and Camille Deptuch, Don and Joan Lennie, and Tom and Carole Ferguson
Oak Park

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