After attending the debate between John Rigas and Steve Hoke at the Buzz Cafe, I was shocked by Mr. Hoke’s sarcastic attitude.

After admitting that he himself, not his campaign manager, had bought his opponent’s Web sites with the ending “.com” and “.org,” Mr. Hoke turned to Mr. Rigas and laughed. He pointed his finger at Rigas and said, “You of all people, being in the software business, should have known this could be done.”

My question is: Do we want a person like this for our village president? Does he see nothing unethical about taking his opponent’s slogan, buying the extra sites and diverting people to his site?

My mother, a River Forest resident, is 92 years old and has a computer. Her mind is as sharp as someone half her age, but she thinks “.com” will get her to any site. After I explained why she was being sent to Hoke’s site, I think she hit the nail on the head.

“Shame on him!”

Ginny Beacom
River Forest

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