Commitment, courage and dedication are the traits that a citizen should expect in government, especially our local government. As a resident for several years of River Forest, I have relished the time that I have lived in this wonderful community.

Since moving to River Forest, my need for our local government to intervene on my behalf was minimal. That all changed as the Des Plaines River flooding occurred last fall. I was left to wonder where the planning and follow up was for our fellow residents that had water in their homes, like me, or even worse.

I count on my local government to do the basics, and especially in this economy I can not afford to miss work to deal with these issues. An as educator, I teach elementary students how government should operate on behalf of the people. I would love to use River Forest as an example for my students in the future. In order for this to occur, a person of strong character with confidence and conviction needs to be elected as trustee.

Cathy Adduci has the passion and commitment to move River Forest in the direction for a financially strong and resident-proud government. Join me on April 7 in voting for Cathy for village trustee.

Nicole Shere
River Forest

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