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An 18-year-old Oak ParkRiverForest high school senior suffered a broken knee Wednesday afternoon after being struck by a passing car as she attempted to cross

Ridgeland Avenue
Washington Boulevard
. She was treated at Loyola medical center and her injuries are not considered life threatening.

The accident, which occurred around , closed down the intersection of Ridgeland and Washington for about an hour.

Police said the woman had parked her car on the west side of the 300 block of South Ridgeland, just north of Washington. According to witness accounts, she then ran between parked cars and southbound traffic waiting on a red light at Washington, and was struck by a passing northbound vehicle, said police.

“The driver never saw her,” said Commander Len Jorgenson. “There’s a witness account that the girl didn’t even look at the northbound traffic.” He said another witnesses told police the driver did not appear to be going faster than the posted speed limit.

Jorgenson said that the accident is still under investigation, and that no citations have been written to either to the driver or the pedestrian.

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