2009 Wednesday Journal Endorsements
River Forest Township government isn’t broken, and so we see no need to fix it.

In endorsing 15-year veteran township Supervisor Veronica Krawczyk for another four-year term, we are encouraged by her long and deep record of service both to the village and the township. Over the past 15 years, Krawczyk has developed expertise with the issues for which the township is responsible – the wellness of youth, seniors and those struggling with mental health issues. She’s also forged the solid working relationships with other individuals and agencies in the field.

We can’t say why Dale Rider chose to throw his hat in the ring for this $25,000-per-year part-time job since he didn’t respond to our endorsement interview invitation.

Current park board Commissioner Ron Steele, meanwhile, is a dedicated supporter of youth programming and is committed to making the park district the best it can be. But the social wellness programs Krawczyk and the township administer are separate and distinct from the park district’s recreational programs.

And for all Steele’s concerns about the township’s Web site and reviewing its various programs and finances, we wonder if his primary reason for seeking the position has more to do with being upset over the River Forest Community Center’s refusal to seriously consider merging with the park district.

While the issue of whether the village is best served by separate or merged park district and community center programming is a legitimate subject for lengthy and fully informed debate, but it is not reason enough to replace a committed, qualified township supervisor.

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