I’ve known Terry Finnegan for 10 years, ever since he taught my son life lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship and handling disappointment as his AYSO soccer coach. Terry and I have crossed paths many times since then, and whenever we do, it’s a great pleasure. Terry is a thoughtful and compassionate listener who sees childhood as the time to build character, and adulthood as the time to display it. As those who have read his Wednesday Journal columns know, Terry is a person who treasures community and believes very deeply in its power to transmit values and build character.

Terry will bring his open and thoughtful nature to the board of Oak Park and River Forest High School, where he will be a good listener and an honest decision-maker with no axe to grind. His professional experience with finance will also be an important asset as this board faces the difficult challenges that lie ahead. I trust Terry’s judgment implicitly, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather put in the position of having to make tough choices that will affect the future of our children and community.

Dan Lesser
Oak Park

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