Why is Frank Paris calling recesses during River Forest Village Board meetings to consult with his personal attorney and John Rigas to plot political and legal strategy? Can’t they do that before the meeting so as not to hold up village business for personal gain? And, is Paris providing interference for Rigas, or is Rigas for Paris? Either way, it’s not right.

I guess we now know that Paris is up to his neck in the next election and John Rigas is his man. What promises have been made? Or is Rigas simply providing damage control for Paris because District 200 seems to also have that pesky Amalgamated as a large bond vendor? Or, is it because Rigas has his own economic disclosure issues in relation to District 200’s lawyers (see Nov. 1, 2005 Wednesday Journal article by Terry Dean)?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if River Forest is interested in a fifth term for the current regime.

Sean MacCarthy
River Forest

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