The snow melted a week or two ago. And under it, on my walk to the Lake Street el, were piles and piles of dog poop. The corner of South Boulevard and Scoville Avenue was especially bad – evidence that people had been taking their dogs out to one spot all winter and never cleaning up. Responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs every time.

My desk faces the street; I see people walking dogs by my house, their dog poops in my garden or on the boulevard, the humans look around surreptitiously, kick some snow over it and scurry off. Children walk dogs without bags or directions from adults to clean up. This creates a disgusting mess that causes people to hate dogs and their owners. They blame it on “those dog park people,” which is incorrect. I am one of those dog park people and we clean up and are ashamed that others don’t – and that their failures reflect badly on all dog owners. If you can’t clean up after your dog, then you don’t deserve to have one. If your child can’t clean up, then the child shouldn’t be walking the dog. Keep Oak Park a dog welcoming and friendly place and behave responsibly – every time.

Jane McAtee

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