Like many, I look at the current economy and all the problems facing our nation, and I am thankful that we elected a president in November with the thoughtful policies, cool temperament and great intelligence to lead us in these troubled times. Times also are tough for local communities throughout our state. As I look to the Oak Park elections on April 7, I want local leaders with thoughtful and fiscally responsible policies for our entire village, the cool temperament to work together in a cooperative, responsible manner and the great intelligence to carefully balance and weigh decisions without reacting impulsively to satisfy only a few special interests.

On April 7, I will be voting for the Citizens for Responsible Leadership candidates: David Pope for president; Glenn Brewer, John Hedges and Colette Lueck for trustees; and Terri Powell for clerk. These individuals are proven leaders who can work together to make the hard decisions that will be facing the board in the coming years. Just a couple of years ago, the board was controlled briefly by those who oppose the CRL candidates now. All of us watched those disastrous board meetings on Channel 6. While those meetings might have provided some great comedy on TV, they were not examples of good government. Returning to those unstable, bickering and unprofessional ways is the last thing that Oak Park needs at this time. Steady, smart leadership for all of Oak Park is the only course to take in April.

Mary Wacker
Oak Park

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