I want to thank the people who helped me a week ago Sunday morning as my dog and I struggled to fight off a pit bull attack. We were walking near Julian Middle School when, from what turned out to be an unsecured backyard, a big brown dog ran towards us. This dog went right after my dog, who tried to cower in defense, and while I started yelling in hopes of attracting the attention of its owner, I also managed to keep the tenacious dog away using my feet and legs. I eventually managed to move this nightmare into the middle of Ridgeland Avenue with the idea to force other people to get involved.

The dog grabbed my big fur hat and ran back to his home yard where, we later found out, he ripped it to shreds. Many thanks to the one man who called the police and then pulled over to speak with me while waiting for them to arrive. When the officer arrived, he took my name and other info and then drove up the alley in the direction the dog ran. And then, surreally, the dog came running around the corner directly towards me and my dog a second time!

I was on my own again and could only think to go back out into the middle of Ridgeland Avenue, where I started another round of defensive kicking and yelling. Then I heard a voice, a woman in Village Pilates Studio, saying, “Come in here.” With the pit bull trying to be all over us, I managed to get to the door where the woman helped us in. Whew.

The loose dog then ran away back to its home a half block away. A grateful many thanks to the folks at Village Pilates Studio for their compassion in my time of need. Thanks to the police for doing their jobs – several citations were issued to the dog’s owner.

Finally, considering all the middle-school children regularly in that immediate vicinity, please be aware that Animal Control says that standing still like a statue is not the appropriate response to a dog attack. One should maintain eye contact, be defensive, and try to get to safety without turning away or running from the attacking dog. I will be interested to hear what the judge says. If anyone else wants to see about current dog control laws, the court date for this particular matter is March 12, 9:30 a.m., Oak Park Village Hall.

Nancy Trock
Oak Park

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