If this “It Takes a Village” One View was the opening pitch to the Oak Park spring election season, it was a slow curveball that bounced in the dirt before reaching the plate. [Staying the course isn’t such a good idea, Viewpoints, Feb. 18] It’s the same tired rhetoric that actual facts refute time and time again – those pesky, pesky facts.

I want to address just one of the misleading assertions from this One View – that village government is responsible for “taxes rising unabated.” It’s hard to take seriously candidates wanting to govern our village who don’t understand the basics of how much the village receives of every real estate tax dollar – 12 cents. That’s it. The author either didn’t know this or chose to disregard the facts.

On top of it, the author failed to acknowledge (or even worse, didn’t know) that in the last two years, the village board, whose majority are VMA-endorsed candidates, held the village operating budget flat and in that time has cut proposed overall spending by over $6 million.

Yes, rising taxes have a very real impact on the overall composition of our community, and most Oak Parkers cherish the unique, diverse nature of the village. Taxes are a serious concern to all of us because they hit us in the pocketbook, and that’s especially painful in these hard economic times.

This alarmist hyperbole so early in an election makes one wonder where this VCA slate will go from here. Oak Parkers deserve much better. We take our village and our political discussions seriously. Let’s stick to the facts.

Marge Epstein

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