Two men associated with Oak Park were featured in two quite different write-ups in the Feb. 18 Wednesday Journal. These two men come from widely different backgrounds and education. Their careers have little if anything in common, and they have served Oak Park in very different ways.

Yet, they have much in common. They both enjoy a large following: Oak Parkers who admire and respect them, and Oak Parkers who have benefited from their quite different ways of contributing to the community. When I have told others about Oak Park, the soul and heart of Oak Park, I have mentioned both of these men: unassuming, hard-working men whose integrity reflects the soul of Oak Park at its best.

I’ll follow Frank Limentato to Elmwood Park to have what little hair I have left cut by him. I congratulate Rick Kuner for his years of selfless and skillful service toward the betterment of Oak Park.

Bill Clark
Oak Park

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