I am writing to recommend John Hedges for re-election to the Oak Park Village Board. He has shown outstanding analytical and leadership skills during his current term in office. But John’s experience on the current village board for the last four years is only part of the story. He also served for a time as the village manager for Oak Park. That managing experience only honed his already sharp skills with village government.

Concurrent with the village manager job, John was also the executive director of the Park District of Oak Park working, in part, with board members like me during some the most critical times in our parks’ history. He worked for this community in that capacity for 20 years. That alone should get him your vote.

In addition, John has also spent most of his adult life living in Oak Park. He and his family have lived in and around all the crazy issues that you and I complain about on a daily basis. The only difference is that, when John complains, he knows what he’s talking about. So, please vote for sane government. Vote for my friend John Hedges for village trustee this April.

Tim Kelly
Oak Park

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