1. Village Manager: You all should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing him to write numerous checks to the same person for just under $25,000, particularly since the total amount was way over and above the contract amount. He knew exactly what he was doing and that he’d probably get away with it. (What else has he done that hasn’t been caught? It definitely needs looking into!) If he didn’t believe what he was doing was wrong, he would have gone to the board when the amount went over the contract terms. He should be fired and Grochowski should repay the amount above her contract.

2. Village Software: And you all should be equally ashamed to allow the amount spent on software to just scrap it. Anyone heard of training? Anyone heard of keeping track of what’s going on and not allowing item #1 to happen? Yes, PeopleSoft is difficult to use. Was any due diligence done prior to choosing them? You may not have elected to the board when it was chosen, but that’s no excuse for not getting up to speed on what’s going on, not doing something about the problems earlier.

3. Plowing: I’ve noticed that residential sidewalks have been kept relatively clear of snow/ice even with the huge amounts of snow and then cold we’ve been having. However, sidewalks, lots, etc., that the Village is responsible for haven’t been kept up to the same extent.

Is this a do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do scenario? We, as residents, are getting more and more outraged and discouraged with the village and trustees with all the excuses and lack of focus on what’s really needed. How can you justify the taxes we’re paying when you allow the above to happen? You’ve laid off people who were actually doing a necessary job but are spending/throwing away our dollars on frivolous things and when questioned, give excuses. We do not need “artwork” that a two-year-old can produce and pay thousands of dollars for it, but we do need accountability and fiscal responsibility from our village manager (perhaps Arizona had the right idea) and our trustees.

You are the voice of the people and should be looking out for what’s best for us and the village!

Annette Hughes
Oak Park

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