Date: Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008

Time: 3:45 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.

Attendees: Myself (father), 5- and 9-year-old daughters, residents of Forest Park

Goal: Some father/daughter time on a beautiful fall afternoon

Destination: Lake Street/Marion Street

Dollars spent during those 90+ minutes at Oak Park businesses: $97.80

Parking Citation: $10


3:45 Park at 1146 Westgate (by the old Quizno’s), put $0.75 for total of 45 min. (didn’t think that I would spend more than 45 min. shopping)

3:50 Spend $1.31 at Pumpkin Moon

3:52 to 4:05 Spend time at Pumpkin Moon sister store on Marion (pet store)

4:05 Withdraw $40 from Bank of America ATM on Lake Street.

4:05-4:30 Walk through FFC fitness, consider joining the health club, another Oak Park business I might be spending my money at.

4:32-4:35 Spend $7.23 at Cosi for drinks

4:35-4:48 Spend $33.23 at Barbara’s Bookstore.

4:50-5:23 Shop at The Gap with girls. Spend additional $56.03

5:07 Parking citation issued

5:25 Walk to car and find $10 violation.

5:26 Realization that maybe I’ll take all of my business to Forest Park or Oak Brook to avoid an additional 10% surtax for shopping in downtown Oak Park.


Just a side note for all of those interested: I’ll be requesting an In-Person Hearing to protest this citation. I’ll take precious time off of work to fight this unjust citation and the unjust parking rates in Oak Park. By the way, the number to the Oak Park Parking Administration is 708-358-5750. Give them a call and tell them “thanks for doing all you do to promote shopping (leisurely family shopping) in Oak Park.” Or maybe all Oak Park needs is a new mayor. I’m sure Forest Park Mayor Tony Calderone could provide some free advice to the Oak Park administration on how to effectively promote village businesses. Just a thought.

Patrick Curran II
Forest Park

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