I am writing in response to Dan Haley’s column this past week regarding reception jobs at village hall. First let me say that in this tough economy it is difficult when folks lose their jobs at any village hall. Then there are those who are more fortunate and end up being placed in other “vacant” positions and never have to worry about the unemployment line or rejection letters from employers who have no openings.

In view of this, I am particularly perplexed at the biased coverage afforded the village staff person who, in light of tough layoffs for other people there, still retains employment with the village, although in another department. Talk about crying with a full spoon in your mouth! It would seem from the coverage in your paper that this receptionist was the only staff person qualified or capable of providing service at the Village of Oak Park. If my memory serves me correctly, during my many visits to village hall, there were several people who provided customer service from that desk. There were several women and a man there providing service on occasion. Things looked like a team effort, and it seemed quite multicultural as well. It was rather refreshing seeing diverse faces. This is Oak Park. Mr. Haley, let’s make sure we send the right message in these tough times. My experience as a resident has been that many people contribute and make a team effort to be of customer assistance at village hall. My biased thoughts are with those who have no job at all to fall back on, not with someone who is unhappy they had to switch jobs. She still has a paycheck.

Diana Horton
Oak Park

Only recently I was thinking how model a receptionist Ms. Michaels has always been: efficient, smiling, knowledgeable, multitasking with grace and more. Her “cut” may be economic, but I doubt that it will be for the best. Who will now direct me to the right place when I wander in for forms?

Mariannell Bassett-Dilley
Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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