Kudos to the Oak Park Public Works Department for handling multiple snow and ice storms, balancing a costly salt budget with environmental factors and still doing their best to maintain safe streets-all the while changing two burnt-out streetlights on West Thomas the same day I called!

Vik Petroliunas
Oak Park

What’s the fine for throwing snow on shoveled sidewalks?

We faithfully shovel the snow from the sidewalk of our Oak Park Avenue home, only to have the snowplow crews cover it back up in the middle of the night with heavy, and often eventually frozen, salt-ladened snow. Complaining several times to the village last year was to no avail. So … the village can fine us for failing to shovel, but is there no fine for those who throw snow on shoveled walks?

Tony Castro
Oak Park

I just came from Forest Park and their streets are plowed from curb to curb and so are their sidewalks-all done by the village. Ah, tax dollars at work, how wonderful!

I get to Oak Park and come north on Marion and what do I see? A completely dry Marion Street-oh, the electric bill! But wait, the street is not plowed and the corners are so covered by 2-feet high snow that no one can get over them to shop. Ah, our tax dollars at work, how sad!

Just drive around Oak Park and you have to wonder-there are signs posted all over about not parking when there’s 2 inches of snow. Fine, but where and when do the plows come through? It’s already 4 p.m.! There should be no parking “until the street is plowed.” But then they need to be plowed.

Marion Street north of Lake is a disaster because there’s no parkway-one of the issues I raised when they were building these townhouses.

Oak Park Avenue going south is a mess because they plow the snow right back onto the sidewalk that has been cleared.

Every corner that has been plowed is a challenge because the plows just pile up the snow and no one comes after them to clear a path. What are we paying for?

Rosemarie Nowicki

We were walking near Jackson and Clinton on Dec. 18, a sunny and crisp morning. I was thinking how the village had done a quite decent job on the streets (heaven forbid if we have to slow down a bit) and that the majority of homeowners seem to shovel their sidewalks. Then a sedan, cruising East on Jackson lowered the passenger side window, and a young adult or older teen stuck his head out the window, and yelled, “Merry Christmas!”

Not quite what I was expecting. Oak Park is really a beautiful place, in every season!

Brent Borgerson
Oak Park

To: John P. Wielebnicki

Attached are some photos of the “damage” your snow removal crews did to the sidewalk and driveway along the properties on Ontario Street, immediately west of Forest Avenue. As you will see in the photos, your crews completely covered sidewalks and driveways to a depth of a foot or more with snow that had, at great effort, been previously cleared. I expect someone from public works will undo this damage by removing the snow you moved from the street and put on our sidewalks. I, for one, am done shoveling snow only to have the village undo my work.

Robin Wienke
Oak Park

Editor’s note: See more comments on the village’s snowplowing and salting efforts at WednesdayJournalOnline.com.

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