First posted 12/18/2008 1:12 p.m.

An Oak Park man was followed home from the Austin Boulevard Green Line station Tuesday night and robbed at gunpoint.

The victim told police he saw the robber sitting on a bus stop bench on the Oak Park side of Austin Boulevard in the extremely cold weather, but paid him no attention. As he entered the rear of his apartment building on the first block of Washington, the offender came up behind him.

“As he made the turn westbound into an alley, the guy confronted him,” said Det. Commander Clemet Harbour.

The robber grabbed his victim by his backpack, demanded “everything,” then demanded his wallet. The victim turned over the wallet, containing $27, as well as his cellphone.

Harbour said that while police have made arrests recently of suspects in robberies of Green Line commuters, such incidents continue to occur.

According to Oak Park and Chicago crime reports, the armed robbery is at least the sixth involving a gun in the area around the Austin Green Line station in either Oak Park or Chicago in the past four months. Another four armed or strong-arm robberies have occurred in that immediate area, and two others by the Ridgeland station.

Harbour said Oak Park investigators have conferred with 15th District police in Chicago on the robberies, but so far they have no suspect in the most recent incident.

“We’ve got street crimes officers keeping an eye on the area,” he said.

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