This e-mail is a response to Helen Mildenhall’s One View in the Dec. 10 issue of Viewpoints in which she states: “But I no longer attend a Christmas service unless someone asks me to go with them.” [What Christmas means to me]

Helen, I invite you to attend 9 a.m. Mass at Ascension Catholic Church in Oak Park with me on Christmas morning. Since I don’t drive and am unable to walk any distance because of severe arthritis, I depend on others for rides to Ascension, a distance of about one mile from my condo since I sold my home in the parish boundaries nearly 16 years ago. I don’t yet have a ride for Christmas morning, so if you accept my invitation, I hope you could pick me up, and I would be delighted if we could attend Mass together. Caring and sharing is what Christmas means to me. Peace.

Mary Trifone
Oak Park

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